When most people think of parkour they think of jumping off roof tops and flipping through the streets of a big city. Some of that is parkour, but much of it is not. Our next few posts will strive to define parkour, recount its origin story, describe its purpose, explain the difference between Freerunning (what the heck is that?) and Parkour, as well as talk about who can train in Parkour.

One thing that is incredibly important to remember is that Parkour is a living, breathing thing. Just as basketball started with just a few simple movements and principles and some unnecessarily short shorts, it has evolved into an international sport with various styles of play. Parkour changes and grows with the creativity and experience of its practitioners.

Another thing to note is that we, at Bushido Parkour Ninja Fitness, follow the founder of parkour, David Belle, very closely. We have a deep respect for him and his voice in the parkour community. All that we do as traceurs and instructors of parkour is heavily influenced by him.