We jump the world will be held at BUSHIDO PARKOUR NINJA FITNESS this year. TIME: 4-5 PM  COST: $2 (+tax) per head.

If you purchase a Saturday evening open gym at regular price we’ll waive the event fee! Make sure you get in on this awesome jumping and flipping action! 



We had a blast with We Jump the World! It was a lot of fun bringing the parkour community together here in Cedar City and in St. George, UT. We could feel the energy and excitement knowing this was a GLOBAL EVENT! Thanks to all those who showed their support on David Belle’s birthday, the founder of parkour.

HERE, Check out last year’s we jump the world video… 


Save the date! BUSHIDO PARKOUR NINJA FITNESS will be at the Cedar City Chamber of Commerce Business Expo located in The DIAMOND-Z ARENA from 10AM to 4PM! Come in to show your support! We’ll be doing sign ups as well!


Excited to be getting the NEW SPACE! Contact us for more info OR you can follow us at the links at the top of this page.


Steadily growing! We’ve hit the 20 member mark! This new year has much to offer! If you’re looking for a fun and awesome way to work out this new year sign up for Parkour/American Ninja Warrior Training with us!

2017 NEWS!!!

We now have New Class Hours and skill level groups. Sign up for a Tuesday assessment so you can get on a waiting list for your group level!

12/30/2016 **** WORKSHOP SPECIAL ****

Who says Santa’s helpers are the only ones who get to have fun building things? As requested, we will be holding a workshop to make vaulting boxes. If you are not signed up for emails SIGN UP HERE. Instruction is FREE! The only cost to you is the materials. Sign up for emails now so you get instructions on how to prepare for the workshop! We’ll see ya there!

12/20, 12/22, 12/23  CLASSES!!!

Tuesday’s class is the rescheduled handstand class mixed with a mini obstacle course and Thursday we’re perfecting our ninja/parkour cookie dunking technique. Friday there will be no classes due to Christmas. We will pick classes back up after the new year. Check out our workshop special though! 

12/13, 12/15, 12/16  CLASSES!!!

 We learned the Side Vault and how to increase strength for Handstands! 

12/06, 12/08, 12/09  CLASSES!!!

This week we increased our skills in Quadrupedal Movements, Precision Jumps, and Balancing and had a blast doing it. The “mini” mini obstacle course was a lot of fun.

12/02 DAY 3 OF CLASSES!!!

Today we’re repeating classes 1 and 2! If you missed out before, now’s your chance to start from the beginning!

12/01 DAY 2 OF CLASSES!!!

Great news! We’re growing!! 4 more people signed up tonight! This evening we were doing vaults over boxes, safety rolls across mats, and had a blast while doing it. The energy in the air was AmaZAzing!!! Come try it out, drop in for a class, and be on your way to perfecting Parkour, American Ninja Warrior, and overall Fitness. We’ll see you soon! This is truly NinjAwesome!!!!

11/29 DAY 1 OF CLASSES!!!

We had a good turn out in our garage tonight. Bushido Parkour Ninja Fitness has decided to go ahead and start growing organically, which means we need your help! Come to classes, bring your friends because we’re starting training from the ground up with the basics. Let’s keep growing! We have plans for expansion and mile markers as we grow! #beapartofthemovement

11/15 SIGN-UP DAY!!!

Saturday and Saturday only for 2 hours we will be holding sign-ups for those who want to lock in Early Bird pricing. $20 will secure a no commitment month to month early bird pricing rate. Hurry in Saturday to the Cedar City Aquatic Center to sign up! We will only be there from 10AM – 12PM.     AGAIN, This is the LAST TIME for early bird pricing!!!


We had fun at Discovery Park just south of Cedar City Aquatic Center. It was fun to get out and learn some basic parkour moves. Josh Menendez and Carson Matthews tag team taught the event.  A BIG THANKS to all those who participated in the event.


There was a decent turnout Saturday afternoon at FUNKY MONKEY ARCADE! We had a lot of fun on the mini course and the the kiddie course, playing some arcade games was great fun too! We had another raffle and a few more warriors-in-training were picked. Here they are!!!

4 PASS PUNCH CARD WINNERS: Soren C, Levi Sensenig, Jennifer Heath, Caleb Carling, Blake Pearson




We had a great turn out Friday evening at SONNY BOY’S BBQ! We had a lot of fun and ate a lot of food! Fortunately/unfortunately we ran out of food at 8:30 so they closed early. We also have some raffle winners!!!

4 PASS PUNCH CARD WINNERS: Kevin Martin, Jordan Davenport, Gavin Stillwell, Alex Marquez, Thomas Daniels




We had a Blast today at the SUU homecoming parade! Handing out flyers, stickers,business cards, and having the girls throw candy while riding on their scooters was a lot of fun. It was AWESOME to feel the love from the SUU crowd. Plus, The weather was beautiful and the turnout was great.


We had a great turn out at Paint The Town Red!  We had quite a few people try the mini course which included: 11.5 ft warped wall, salmon ladder, and peg board. Several people won a Bushido-T for completing the mini course challenge!

A few of the MINI COURSE CHALLENGE CHAMPIONS are as follows:

Grant Pearson
Kevin Martin
Kyle Warrick
Branden Alcantar

SPECIAL THANKS goes out to Craig Isom, Rob Myers, Nate & Amber Slade, Kevin & Andrea Empey, Timothy & Rebecca Daniels, Savannah Brooks, and the many others for making things happen!

Thanks again to everyone for all the support!